Woodworm Treatment

The first step we would recommend when Woodworm is suspected, is to have a detailed survey carried out so that areas of suspected woodworm infestation can be found and determined whether the infestation is active or not. It may be necessary in domestic properties to reveal floorboards and gain access to roof voids. Where structurally necessary, heavily woodworm infested timbers shall be cut away and replaced or repaired by our skilled joiners using resin repair techniques.

Common Furniture Beetle – This is responsible for around 75% of damage to property

House Longhorn Beetle – Most damaging beetle but mainly found in southern counties

Wood Boring Beetle – Associated with damp timber and wet rot decay

Death Watch Beetle – Attacks hardwood and a damaging borer in old buildings

As required by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, A1 Dampproofing Ltd shall inform Natural England prior to carrying out any treatment in a space where bats are present.

A1 Dampproofing Ltd can assure that all remedial timber treatment products are approved by Natural England as suitable for use in bat roosts.

For more information, please visit http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/