Structural Repairs

Our enthusiastic approach to continual improvement and development enables us as a company to offer effective and economical solutions on a range of structural issues affecting buildings.

As we are continuously upgrading equipment and improving our methods of construction and repair, all A1 Dampproofing Ltd operatives receive up to date Health & Safety training in order to provide the most efficient workmanship service to our clients.

Our qualified Surveyors are on hand to offer expert technical assistance and advice, carry out site inspections and provide condition reports competitive estimates.


A1 Dampproofing Ltd offers an effective solution to problems regarding structural disrepair by tying and strapping affected walls. Tie bars and straps are secured to internal faces of walls and screwed to floor joists. An alternative to this is where straps can be spanned right across the internal floors and secured to another stable internal or external wall. Corner straps can also be utilised to provide a bond between walls which were either constructed with no bond, or have de-bonded due to structural movements.


Masonry reinforcement consists of stainless steel bars or helical stainless steel wire which is set into expoxy or cementitious grout. Helical wire is mostly used in repairing brickwork.

Reinforcement can be installed in either short lengths were stitching of small cracks is used or in longer continuous lengths where the formation of virtual beams is created within the brickwork.

So that the aesthetic appearance of the building is kept, A1 Dampproofing Ltd pay great attention to the existing brickwork in making good the surface, so that any new render or pointing that takes place after installation matches as closely as possible any surrounding surfaces.


A1 Dampproofing Ltd offer a wide range of underpinning services to its clients that are both effective and economic.

Our highly trained Surveyors are experienced in diagnosing and remedying any differential settlement or subsidence that may be present. Various factors will influence the choice of remedial treatment required, including the nature of the building, the underlying ground conditions and the severity and extent of damage.

A1 Dampproofing Ltd’s underpinning solutions are ideal for all types of structures and we are happy to look at any project, big or small.