Dry / Wet Rot

Dry and Wet Rot is a fungi which attacks and destroys timbers. Timber that is affected by Dry and Wet Rot is easily identifiable as the timber shows signs of significant loss of weight. Timbers that are used in buildings are deteriorated and eventually, will result in total loss of all structural integrity which can have serious consequences with regards to structural sections.

Dry and Wet Rot affects all types of properties throughout the UK and when damp is present and mixed with poor ventilation, this provides ideal environmental conditions for fungal attack. We at A1 Dampproofing Ltd would recommend that a survey is carried out immediately if Dry or Wet Rot is assumed within a structure.

When timber is broken down due to Dry Rot, shrinkage, loss of strength, cracking and loss of weight will occur, along with the presence of brown coloured spore dust on adjacent surfaces. The ‘cuboidal’ cracking of the timber is caused by shrinkage as seen in the image below. The first sign of Dry Rot is this exact ‘Cuboidal’ cracking and shrinkage.

A survey carried out by A1 Dampproofing Ltd will determine and identify the full scope of any Dry/Wet Rot problem. We use the most up to date, specialist surveying tools to identify any Dry/Wet Rot infestations including concealed areas. A recommendation of the treatment works will only be given once the scope of the infestation is clear.

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